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Climbing career Everest #4

A young manager just promoted to lead a team of experienced employees, and not only...

Dear Friends, Today in our 4th issue of the podcast I talk with Jaime Galviz, Microsoft COO for Middle East and Africa.

We discuss the case of a young manager promoted to lead a department of experienced employees. By listening to our conversation you’ll learn about:

  • What skills are critical to make it a success
  • Practical approach on what to do
  • How to turn challenge of not having a very deep knowledge into an advantage
  • What to do if there is no collaboration?
  • What simple question “What are the things that you do not like?” can bring

Jaime is from Colombia, and he is working at Microsoft for the last 20 years. 6 years ago Jaime moved from Colombia to Dubai, and been recently promoted to Microsoft COO for Middle East and Africa. We’ve studied together with Jaime in the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Jaime is really passionate about people development, human energy and leadership.

He lives in Dubai with his wife and 2 beautiful children.

Podcast duration is 17 min.

Feel free to leave your comments with the questions you’re interested in below or send it to me in a personal note. Please share with your friends who might benefit from it. And…

Enjoy the listening!

Climbing career Everest #4
Вт, 28 февраля 2017, 7 лет назад

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