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Climbing career Everest #10

Starting a new role? Here are tips for a fantastic start!

Today in our 10h issue of the podcast I talk with Ivette Salib, General Manager Russia & CIS at Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies.  We talk about new beginnings. 

By listening to the podcast you’ll find out:

  • How important is to be surrounded and supported by a team
  • Understand the business
  • Not to destroy, but build on it
  • How to build trust with the team
  • How to match expectations of the team, the boss and yourself
  • What to search for while establishing relationships with the boss
  • How to change but respect the past
  • Importance of understanding that we’re going towards one goal
  • Role of feedback and much more

Ivette graduated from Moscow Medical Academy as a pharmacist got a PhD. She joined Pharma business in 1994, as a medical rep, and then moved to marketing and different managerial positions. She mainly worked in Johnson&Johnson, starting in pharmaceuticals but now in Medical Device field.

She is a passionate leader, likes changes and dynamics.

Ivette’s origin is from Russian-Egyptian family, which adds diversity to her personality. She is married with on daughter. Active leader of Women Leadership Initiative. Loves traveling to remote destinations.

Podcast duration is 21 min.

On the 14th minute, Ivette says that “even if they would see that I challenge and do not agree on some things, when we would face our management they would see me standing on their side”. And this helps to gain the trust of the team, feel united. I completely share the same view, but at times in my corporate past, I was given a feedback that in our team we do not challenge each other, which is not healthy. What do you think is a good behavior in front of the management?

Enjoy the listening

Climbing career Everest #10
Вт, 25 апреля 2017, 7 лет назад

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